www.xcmlive.com has finally launched! Look out very soon for the latest news regarding the highly anticipated keyboard and mouse adapter for Xbox 360 - XFPS 360!

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XFPS 360 - Get ready for the frag of your life. Keyboard and mouse control comes to Xbox 360!

LATEST NEWS: XCM Multi-Component Cable v2 Preview

XCM presents to the gaming media a first view at the upcoming XCM multi-component cable which will support Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and PS2 formats. At the flick of a switch gamers can toggle between their console displays, a great set-up if PS2 owners can’t bear to completely part with the ‘old generation’ and also ideal for those with a mixture of ‘next generation’ systems. The sheer quality of this versatile cable will optimize any textures and gaming visuals, making it a must-have for all gamers.

For now the media and gamers are welcomed to view the ‘in action’ video of this product available at Youtube.com. Stay tuned for a news follow-up relatively soon, with complete specifications, pricing and availability!

XFPS 360 Final testing complete & User manual available!

It is with great pleasure that we announce final testing of the XFPS 360 has been completed successfully! Please refer to the image below (left) as a testament to the completion of the XFPS 360 and one of our engineering staff happily firing away. Full stock of the XFPS 360 will be shipping to retailers very soon, but until that time comes we’d like to quench your thirst with an important announcement: The XFPS 360 is fully customizable!

We’ve been literally inundated with masses of e-mails inquiring whether users can create their own custom button configurations in addition to the default setting. The answer is a resounding yes! Feel free to view the text-based manual for the XFPS 360 below (right) which denotes almost everything you need to know about the magical device.


On a final note, review samples will be available but in limited supplies only. If you as a member of the gaming media wish to feature the XFPS 360 in your publication, then we’d be grateful if you could register your interest as soon as possible.



Stay tuned over the coming days as more announcements will be made here regarding the XFPS 360.


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